経済学部生8名が第7回日本大学英語模擬国連(JUEMUN 2016)に参加しました

2016年6月24日(金)〜26日(日)に、第7回日本大学英語模擬国連(JUEMUN: Japan University English Model United Nations)が開催され、世界中から集まった350人の大学生が、今年のテーマ“Quality of Life for All”について、英語を使って熱く議論しました。
 阪南大学経済学部から、昨年に続き、8名の学生がJUEMUN 2016 に参加しました(昨年の参加様子は、こちら)。そのうち、学生代表(student delegates)6名、学生ジャーナリスト(student journalists)2名でした。参加学生全員が身につけた英語力および経済学の専門知識を生かし、3日間大健闘しました。

JUEMUN 2016に参加した経済学部生(学年・氏名五十音順)

土生田 真人さん
市位 和貴さん
井上 裕勝さん
王 営さん
張 頴怡さん
張 倪さん
張 馨元さん
由良 圭太さん

JUEMUN 2016の議題

1. Ensure the protection and care of refugee children 2. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages 3. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and life-long learning opportunities for all 4. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable



 This year was my second time to participate in JUEMUN. I was the delegate of Sweden, and I discussed the issue of committee E with many other country delegates, such as those of Bulgaria, Cuba and Laos. Our issue is maximizing employment opportunities for all. Through participating in JUEMUN, I could know more about the current situation in many countries. I think this experience really expanded my horizons, and helped my English study a lot. To take this opportunity, I would like to thank JUEMUN organizers, advisors, my committee and my new friends!

 As a podcast journalist, I participated in JUEMUN for the first time. Through the participation, I could know the level of my English and Chinese skills. I realized that I need to do a lot to improve my English and Chinese pronunciation. I want to continue my study of English and Chinese. I really hope I can use them to communicate with people around the world.


 This was my first time to participate in JUEMUN. I was nervous. But with the help of professors, I could find a lot of information about the country that I was in charge of and made a good preparation. Participating in JUEMUN is a good opportunity to improve my English skills and inspire my growth. Although the preparation process was very hard and the 3 days of JUEMUN were very tough, I have learned many things. I would like to thank Professor Wang and Professor Sheehan for supporting me. I will never forget the JUEMUN experience and I will continue to work hard on learning English.


 I participated in JUEMUN 2016 as a podcast journalist. I was very nervous because it was my first time to join JUEMUN. My partner and I worked very hard during the 3 days. We wrote scripts in English and Chinese, recorded and edited what we recorded. I was lucky because I had a great partner. We both felt very tired after JUEMUN, but it was a good experience for us. Through participating in JUEMUN, I realized my English level is still low, but I’m really happy because I challenged myself and I survived. I will keep improving my English.

 Although this year was my second time to participate in JUEMUN, it was my first time to be a student delegate (Last year I was a student journalist). I learned a lot through JUMUN this year too. I also realized my weakness at the same time. I was very tired after JUEMUN but I felt more happiness, happiness of growing. I thank JUEMUN for inspiring me. I’m also grateful to advisors for all the help and support that they gave me.