HEMS Hannan English Media Society

We are a circle that learns social media through English with Matt Caldwell (Faculty of International Tourism). We would like to collect and spread information in English about Hannan University. We usually meet on Minami Campus on Thursday evenings, after 4th Period. However, due to Corona we have been meeting on Teams instead. At a typical meeting we have an agenda, and we discuss what activities we will do in the following weeks. For example, adding information or stories to our homepage, Instagram (see links below), and making a flyer to attract new members. Of course, we try to have fun while doing all this – it's not so serious! If you think you are interested, why not come and meet us? You can join us if you want to! Students from all faculties are welcome.
Please email us at hems.hannan@gmail.com or DM to Instagram @hems.gram
We are waiting for you!
私たちはMatt Caldwell 先生と英語を通してSNSについて学ぶサークルです。阪南大学の情報を集め、英語で広めています。毎週木曜日の4限目終わりに南キャンパスで活動していますが、コロナの影響で代わりにTeamsを使って活動しています。普段は議題を決めて、どんな活動をしていくかを話し合います。
メールでご連絡ください!hems.hannan@gmail.com or DM to Instagram @hems.gram
This is the homepage we made – please check it out!