Study Abroad Adventures: 2015-2016 Monthly Report from Dunedin, New Zealand【No.6 Epilogue】

From Kazuki Maekawa

I started to miss the life in New Zealand right after I came back to Japan. I did a variety of things during the year, such as tramping, traveling alone and ice skating. People I met there were kind and they always talked something enjoyable with me. The most unforgettable memory was spending a good time with my friends. They were always there to help me study English. Without their help, I couldn’t join the advanced class.
During the year living and studying in New Zealand, I always thought about my English. At the beginning, I was not sure if I could really improve my English level by studying abroad. My TOEIC score was 470 before I went to New Zealand. At that time, I had no confidence in my English, in particular, my listening skills.

The biggest thing I learned from the studying abroad experience is that I developed my own learning style. It is practicing listening and reading at the same time, and trying to answer questions in English quickly.

In the TOEIC test that I took after coming back to Japan, I got 635 points. I’m happy with the improvement in my English skills. However, I’m also able to know my weakness in English and what I need to focus on more. My next goal is to get 800 in TOEIC test.

Now, I’m more confident in myself. From the experience of studying abroad, I know that my dream will come true if I study hard enough.