Study Abroad Adventures: 2015-2016 Monthly Report from Dunedin, New Zealand【No.5】

From Kazuki Maekawa

 This time, I have good news. I passed an exam and could attend the upper-intermediate class. I got Grade As in Speaking, Vocabulary and Grammar. But my grade of Reading was C. I need to practice reading more.
 I felt that my English has improved a lot. My next goal is going up to the advanced class, which is the highest level class.
 I am enjoying the upper-intermediate class because there are a lot of opportunities to speak English. I’m sure that my English will improve in this class.
 I travelled to a variety of places during a vacation after the final test. I went to Christchurch, Tekapo, Queenstown, Wanaka, Twizel, Mt. Cook and Arrowtown. The trip was incredible. I enjoyed walking around Christchurch and joined a live musical there. At Tekapo, I was able to see beautiful stars at night. I was so happy that I went there. If I am asked which city is the most beautiful, I will choose Tekapo undoubtedly.
 During the trip, I met some kind people who helped me. I missed the bus that I planned to take, because I spent too much time climbing Roys Peak. After going down the mountain, I was thinking how I could go back to Dunedin. I came up with hitchhiking and hitchhiked seven times from Wanaka to Dunedin! The conversations with those drivers were very enjoyable. Definitely my first experience with hitchhiking has become one of the unforgettable memories for my stay in New Zealand.