Study Abroad Adventures: 2015-2016 Monthly Report from Dunedin, New Zealand【No.1】

From Kazuki Maekawa

 I got to New Zealand on October 12th. Many things that I didn’t expect happened on that day.
 I couldn’t meet my homestay family soon because I forgot my bag on the airplane. I couldn’t calm down at the moment, but I did my best to manage it. I told a member of staff that I forgot to take my bag. With her help, I was able to get it.
 Then I looked for my host family and I found him. His name is Jeff. He looked very kind (actually, he is very kind). He helped me carry my luggage and took me to his house by his car, and it took about 30 minutes.
 When I arrived, I met my host mother. She is also very kind. Then, I ate dinner with them. The food was very delicious. We talked about New Zealand and I enjoyed talking with them. After that, they showed me my room, a very nice one.
 As for my study, I first went to the language center of the university because I had to take part in Orientation. I joined a tour as well. I was able to make a lot of friends and I was very happy about that. After I went around Dunedin, I took a placement test. I got an average score, so I was placed in the Intermediate class.
 I have taken the class for one month. I think the class is very good because I can improve my English skills. I took IELTS class, too. The level of this class is very high. At first, I wasn’t able to catch up with it but now I can understand more and more.
 In my spare time, I went to places such as bars and restaurants with my friends. It was fun but I realized that I spent too much money so I decided to save money.
Now I am more confident than one month ago. I think I can do it. I want to study more and more.