Journal of Our Journey【No.8】JUEMUN: A New Level of Learning(学生代表編)

 As both an educator and a researcher, I always think about the link between education and my research. In Finance, which is one of my research areas, it is widely acknowledged that engaging in innovation is risky, in particular when the culture is negative toward risk-taking and agents are risk-averse. Thus, holding a diversified portfolio of innovative projects can reduce risk and promote growth-enhancing activities (Actually, that is also why the securities market – one of the most significant institutional innovations in financial history -- came into being).
 I have found that the above is true in education as well. New educational activities are also risky because it is quite possible that even after the expenditure of much time and effort, the expected educational results cannot be achieved. Therefore, holding a “diversified portfolio” by, for example, collaborating with professors in other areas, gathering students from different majors, getting students involved outside the classroom, etc., may bring about better educational effects and help the students grow more.
 As my educational policy, building such a "diversified portfolio" is something I have already been doing, and intend to continue doing throughout my career.
 Bringing students to participate in JUEMUN (Japan University English Model United Nations) is one part of that. Since their major is Economics, I told the students to try to see those complicated world issues from an economic and financial perspective and try to use English -- a valuable tool for them -- to express those ideas.
 It is not easy for them to do that. But I’m happy that they have made a great effort and have done a wonderful job. They were polite and showed their respect for students and advisors from other cultures. All of them told me that participating in JUEMUN was an eye-opening experience for them. I hope this experience can be a catalyst for them to better understand their great potential and to keep challenging themselves. I wish them the best of luck in the future.

 王ゼミの学生7名が、今年のJUEMUN(2015年6月26日〜28日)に参加しました。学生代表(student delegates)5名および学生記者(student journalists)2名。担当した役割が異なるため、二回(学生代表編と学生記者編)に分けて、参加したゼミ生から報告してもらいます。

(経済学部教員 王 凌)


 I participated in JUEMUN 2015 and I had prepared for it from this April to June. How did I know about JUEMUN? My seminar professor told me about this before I become a second year student. It was spring vacation then. I thought “That’s great!” I wanted to improve my English and make myself understood in English, so I decided to join it.
 At first, I didn’t know how to prepare because this was my first time to participate in JUEMUN. I was assigned as the delegate of Libya, a country facing a lot of difficulties now. The agenda that I was in charge of about Libya prevented me from sleeping and relaxing. Professors and English teachers at English Space helped me, so I was able to collect information about Libya and my agenda, and finish my position paper.
 On the first day of JUEMUN, I was too nervous to catch what other delegates said and to express my opinion. But at the Welcome Party, many students talked to me and I was able to make many friends. They were so kind and friendly. When I got to the hotel, I met another 2 new friends, my roommates during the 3 days of JUEMUN. They told me a lot of interesting things about their countries. All of these made me feel a bit relaxed.
 The second day of JUEMUN started from 9 AM until 8 PM. It was really a long day, but I was able to make a good speech in front of other delegates. I also expressed my opinion in my committee and regional bloc. I was very happy with that.
 On the third day of JUMEUN, I wanted to speak more in my committee and regional bloc. I checked my information again and again because I thought that if I still had information, I could say something. I looked for new information and researched, thinking I should have collect more information about my country and agenda. Then, JUEMUN finished.
 I felt very tired but I thought that it was a very good experience. I was able to know my English level, improve my English, and make many new friends. JUEMUN made me want to study English more and more.
 From this fall, I will study in New Zealand for almost a year. I want to use the experience that I got at JUEMUN in my study abroad. I was able to know how to make a speech in English and how to use English to gather information so I will use them in New Zealand.
 I will participate in JUEMUN again after I come back from New Zealand. I’m sure next time I can do better.






 先生方のお力も借り、何とか準備が出来上がりましたが、いざ本番となると、ほかの参加学生との英語レベルの差をとても感じました。スピーチでもとても緊張し、噛んでしまうこともありました。自分の準備不足がまねいた結果でしたが、とても厳しい三日間でした。しかし、全てが厳しかった訳ではありません。他校や海外の友達も出来、お互いのcommitteeやregional blocについても楽しく話し合いました。楽しいことも辛い事も経験できたというすごく内容が詰まった三日間でした。


 参加表明をしてからはまず私が代表として就くベラルーシについて、詳細に調べました。私が担当する議題は「Promotion of Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Woman」でした。日本語でネット検索しても中々議題に関する情報を得られることが出来なかったため、英語で関連情報を収集しました。また、自分の意見をまとめる際、私自身が経済学部ということもあり、経済に絡めて「Position Paper」という方針書を書きました。
 貴重な参加機会をくださった王凌先生ならびにMark Sheehan先生には感謝します。来年も阪南大学、そして王ゼミの一員としてJUEMUNに参加したいのですが、その時は既に社会人として働いているでしょう。国際的考えを持ち、社会人としてスタートすることが出来ることに大変嬉しく思います。王ゼミには自分次第でどこまでも自己成長させて頂ける場があります。「なぁなぁ」で生きていくことが出来る日本は、世界では通用しません。私はこれをJUEMUNで実感しました。自己価値を高めたい方、是非王ゼミでこのような機会を得てください。すべてはあなた次第です。