I came to Winnipeg three months ago. I feel that time went by very fast. Today’s temperature is minus 17 degrees Celsius! I have never experienced this kind of coldness before.
 I have been tired because my class has a lot of listening exercises and homework. When I read a new story, I will listen to it first. My English ability has grown since I came to Winnipeg. Why do I think so? There are three reasons. Frist, I could not understand what people said before, but now, I can understand a little. Second, I could not talk with my friends because I could not construct sentences well and I did not know many words, but now, I can have conversations with my friends every day. So, I made foreign friends. Third, I learned how to use phrases in conversation. For example, how to use “Can I ~”, “I would like to ~”, “I am going to ~”.
 On Halloween, I went to a Halloween party. There were 20 people. I enjoyed talking with them and eating pizza. I felt it is fun to speak English. I could not only observe culture differences but also feel the atmosphere that I could not experience in Japan. I gave children a lot of chocolates. I prepared many chocolates and candies for trick-or-treating. But they were left. I still have some at my house. I also played a game in which people used cards. I had to think deeply while I was playing. Because I played it with native speakers, I needed to talk with them in English. Now looking back, I felt that game helped me improve my English.
 I want to experience various things from now.