Acquire a wide range of specialized management knowledge in terms of both theory and practice to become a leader in your company and society.

Management is a field of study that focuses on companies. In the Department of Management in the Faculty of Management, you can study the theory and practice of management, accounting, marketing, and information and communication technology (ICT), all of which are indispensable for running companies. In addition, by studying about companies in Japan and around the world, you can acquire a broad international perspective. Furthermore, you can also learn about unique specialty areas like fashion brands and sports from a management perspective. Grow into an individual who can contribute to society and companies by studying a variety of management practices in the Department of Management in the Faculty of Management.

Areas of study

Focus of studies

  • Cross-sectoral, multilayered study of six distinctive courses centered on management
  • Aim to become a specialist in a specific field, for example, fashion or sports management
  • Learn business theory from textbooks and practical business from companies in the real world