Become your ideal self through learning in four specialized areas with a strong focus on advanced foreign language proficiency.

In the Department of International Communication, you will study communication from various perspectives while aiming to acquire high-level foreign language proficiency. The main languages are English, Korean, and Chinese. In addition to foreign language skills, you will acquire broad knowledge of foreign cultures and the global community, media-based information dissemination techniques, knowledge of psychology to enrich interpersonal relationships so you can demonstrate the communication skills you will need in a modern globalized society. Become who you want to be through independent study in a variety of programs tailored to your individual needs.

Areas of study

Focus of studies

  • Advance through small classes at each level to learn English, Korean, and Chinese so you can play an active role in the global community
  • Improve your intercultural communication skills through the study of foreign cultures and international relations
  • Enjoy access to practical and specialized programs, including studying abroad and speech contests in English