Main Campus


"City-style Campus" with state-of-the-art learning facilities. The campus provides a comfortable environment for students.

Main facilities

Building no.1


Right after entering through the main gate, you'll find the first building known as the "Intelligent Center." It houses various offices for student services in addition to the library, Frontier Hall, and computer classrooms.
  • 図書館画像


  • フロンティアホール画像

    Frontier Hall

Building no.2


The second building, referred to as "Building 2," is designed to enhance and enrich language education. Each classroom is equipped with large monitors, offering cutting-edge facilities dedicated to language instruction.

Building no.3


The building is characterized by full glass exteriors, ensuring excellent natural lighting, resulting in a bright and airy interior. The first floor houses a cafeteria, and the second floor hosts a convenience store and a student lounge.
  • Cafe Terrace

  • Cafeteria

  • Menu served at the cafeteria

Building no.4


Completed in 2024, this five-story building features an atrium design with an impressive outdoor green terrace, creating a sense of openness. With numerous classrooms, it serves as the symbol of the university's new learning environment.
  • There are separate classrooms for large, medium and small schools, each designed according to the characteristics of their respective courses.

  • User Compared with other school buildings, Building 4 is characterized by having more public spaces (common spaces).

  • User The design concept for the toilets and restrooms on each floor of the 5th floor varies.

Building no.5<GYC HALL>

It is frequently used for physical education classes, club activities, events such as entrance and graduation ceremonies, as well as university festivals.

Building no.6

On the left, right after the main gate, stands the iconic building representing Hannan University. The university's symbol, the "Liberty Wing," is visible even from the Kintetsu train.

Building no.8

It is the tallest building within Hannan University and offers a panoramic view of Osaka city and Nagai Stadium from the top floor. Faculty offices are also located here.

50th Anniversary Hall


To commemorate the university's 50th anniversary, the "50th Anniversary Building" was established on this campus. The building is equipped with facilities that support learning and communication.
  • Liberty Lounge

  • Students Commons

  • Memorial Hall

Abeno Harukas Campus


The "Hannan University Abeno Harukas Campus" was established on the 23rd floor of the Abeno Harukas high-rise building in Tennoji. Leveraging its excellent location, the campus is used for student career support, seminars, classes, and courses for working professionals, as well as collaborative initiatives with local authorities and businesses. It serves as a hub for disseminating information on the university's educational and research activities.