Further your expertise according to your career path and become a person with the practical skills and broad perspective to play an active role in society.

Your study of economics will provide you with knowledge of economic structures and institutions that you will need no matter what career path you pursue or how drastically the world changes. The Department of Economics also groups major courses into 10 packages, allowing you to choose the package that corresponds to your career goals, for example, working in finance or civil service. Acquire the specialized knowledge and skills that you will need in your industry and occupation. Furthermore, you will develop problem-solving skills and a broad perspective through fieldwork and other components of practical studies.

Areas of study

Focus of studies

  • Acquire logical thinking skills and specialized knowledge of economics that will be useful in any industry or era
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills through fieldwork in collaboration with local communities and businesses
  • Aim to acquire useful qualifications for career development, for example, by taking examinations for civil service, bookkeeping, or legal proficiency