Institute of Industrial and Economic Research

The Institute of Industrial and Economic Research has been available since Hannan University was established in 1965 as a research facility in which members of the academic staff assist and support various research activities and where students are able to interact with experts from outside the school. Beginning with its assisted research system to promote research activities suitable for global fields of research, the research center functions as an exchange center of interdisciplinary knowledge through the publication of research papers, and by inviting noted researchers to Hannan, and dispatching members of faculty to advanced academic research institutions.

The Society of Hannan University

Established in 1991 for the purpose of supporting and expanding research activities at the university, the Society of Hannan University consists of regular members (full-time academic staff), student members (undergraduates and graduate school students), honorary members (retired academic staff) and associate members (part-time instructors). The Society publishes an academic journal, "Hannan Ronshu," of research papers by regular, honorary and associate members in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities/Natural Sciences, a magazine which introduces faculty members and oversees a student thesis prize competition.