About Hannan University


Message from the President

Founded in 1965 on the principle of fostering students with a wide perspective of the world and a deep outlook on life, Hannan University's mission is to train modern economic professionals with a global outlook who can contribute to the development of a new economic society and the welfare of mankind. The university was established with the Faculty of Commerce and in 1972, it added the Department of Economics, and in 1986 the Department of Information Management.

The Faculty of Commerce was reorganized and renamed in 1996, becoming the Faculty of Business, and the Faculty of Information Management was established. The Faculty of International Communication, with the Department of Cultural Communication (renamed Department of International Communication in April 2004) and the Department of International Tourism were established the following year in 1997. Hannan University had then become a university covering a broad range of social sciences.

The Hannan University Graduate School was established in 2000. In 2010, the Faculty of International Communication was reorganized, with the Department of International Tourism becoming an independent faculty, the Faculty of International Tourism. Today, Hannan University has five faculties, and a graduate school, with more than 5000 students.

Hannan University has improved and expanded its own unique systematic career education in order to help develop people equipped for what seems likely to be a turbulent 21st century. Career education at Hannan University has attracted attention, and is it is now known as a "university that focuses on practical education" in close collaboration with businesses and local communities. Hannan University hopes to make a social contribution by raising student satisfaction and enhancing support for students in finding employment, support in obtaining qualifications and support in choosing the best possible career, as well as providing a full, rounded curriculum and academic structures designed to respond to the needs of the age.

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