Learn how to utilize information in both the arts and sciences to become a person who can play an active role in a digitized world—including in the fields of business and sports science.

In our rapidly digitizing modern world, nearly all aspects of our lives are digitized and stored as data, from our travel by car and train to our behavior as consumers and our activity on social media. Businesses are utilizing this massive amount of data to create a more convenient, prosperous world.
In the Faculty of Information Sciences, you will learn how to analyze, produce and apply digital content in business and sports settings, based on the study of the technological building blocks of this new social reality: AI, data science, and information systems. By planning and managing e-sports tournaments and other events undertaken by the entire faculty, you will enhance your business acumen and technical sensibilities, and develop the overall skills you need to contribute to society.

Areas of study

Focus of studies

  • Master AI data science and business data analysis techniques, which will be indispensable for the next generation
  • Acquire expertise and learn to utilize state-of-the-art information systems and digital content
  • Learn video and motion analysis methods in the field of sports, and apply them to improve athletic performance and create strategies for improvement