Faculty of Business

There is an economic element in almost all areas of human activity, including fields that we may consider as being primarily for enjoyment, such as fashion, leisure and sports. Goods and services, advertisements, store exhibitions and so on, which often attract our interest, are produced in these fields. In fact, whatever you "like" is most likely related to business in some way. The Faculty of Business engages in the academic study of these and other business activities, and provides a pragmatic, hands-on approach to learning what goes on behind the scenes in business.

The Faculty of Business – Features of Study

A hands-on approach, in which industries and companies are directly investigated, is employed to learn about the workings of business. Seminar participants analyze the themes investigated, collect data, and generate fresh ideas. They work together to develop concrete solutions and compete by giving presentations of their ideas at the annual Seminar Conference.
While enabling students to get a feel for business, the faculty supports students' efforts to obtain the qualifications and the practical skills they need to help them land a job in the career of their choice.

Educational Goals and the Course

The goal of the Faculty of Business is to foster business persons with both the human qualities and the technical expertise and communication skills that are required in this modern age of faster, more systematized interchanges of merchandise and finance.

Students study fundamental business practices, and elect to learn skills in one of three specialized courses of study: "Business Management," "Brand Marketing" and "Sports Management."

Brand Marketing Course

Students are provided with a fundamental knowledge of marketing and business, and learn how to establish brands and marketing strategies based on that knowledge. While researching fashion trends, which have many aspects that are directly connected to marketing, students gain a new perspective on the field, through practical classes involving field work at production sites, information transmission bases, etc.

Business Management Course

The course aims to foster business people who have the talent to analyse and develop new business models in a rapidly changing world. The course teaches the tangible and intangible aspects of human resources, finance and information, and fosters the talent needed by businesses both now and in emerging, new business models.

Sports Management Course

The course educates and trains people who can participate on the front lines of sports business. Students learn about sports management practices by studying about regional promotion through sport policies, while viewing sport as a business.

Teaching Staff

Name Research Field Subject
Akasaka Osamu
Sports Management Sports Management
Associate Professor
Anjo Hisako
History of Fashion
Business and Present
Fashion Business
Associate Professor
Ikezawa Takeo
Product Development Product Development
Inoue Hiromu
Transnational Corporations International Relations (America)
Associate Professor
Ueakasaka Yoshitaka
Sports Information Strategy Sports Information Strategy
Associate Professor
Usutani Kenichi
Accounting Cost Accounting
Associate Professor
Ehara Kensuke
Sports Management Basic Sports Management
Kagami Taiki
Marketing Marketing Strategies
Katafuchi Takashi
Business Administration Business Science
Kurobe Kazumichi
Health and Sport sciences Servicescape
Saotome Homare
Sport Sciences Coaching, Sport Management
Sakurada Teruo
Financial Accounting and Auditing Auditing
Sanada Keiko
Quebec & Francophone Studies French
Associate Professor
Shintani Masami
Accounting Taxation Business Accounts
Sugita Muneaki
Business Administration Logistics
Nishiguchi Shinya
Marketing Retail Environment Planning
Martin Parsons
English Language Education English
Hirayama Hiroshi
Marketing Brand Marketing
Associate Professor
Fukuwaka Masato
Educational Philosophy
Holistic Education
Hong Shi Hong
International Economics Global Business
Associate Professor
Murakami Ayami
Service Marketing Service Business
Morishita Nobuo
Community Business Business Practice
Morinaka Yuki
Finance Bank Business

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