Faculty of International Tourism

The Department of International Tourism aims to educate and train individuals to work in the tourism industry who can make a social contribution by taking advantage of the multi-faceted character of international tourism, and who are equipped with a keen international understanding and a wide outlook on the world.

The department not only helps students find work in the tourism industry, but trains individuals to develop their own concept of the future of tourism and educates them to regard tourism as a multifaceted social phenomenon which provides an opportunity for understanding other cultures.

The Department of International Tourism -Features of Study

Study involves visiting actual tourist sites, planning and operating events, seeking solutions through cooperation with industry and academia, etc. This includes engaging in in-depth and wide-ranging field work, being on location to learn about and understand the perspective of both the tourist and the people behind the scenes in the industry, and actually participating in the revitalization of local companies involved in urban development.

Educational Goals of the Department/Courses

The course provides a comprehensive education concerning tourism that centers on the three fields of tourism culture, tour planning and tourism work, practical subjects based on the motto, "learn from the site." Classes are designed to include language learning and career education to provide both an international sensibility and practical language capability.

The educational policy of the department is defined as "experimental tourism" and involves conducting social experiments. Students search for problems in local areas and companies, return to the classroom to arm themselves with knowledge, then return to the field for academic research and attempt to solve the problems through cooperating with the various entities involved. The results of social experiments are utilised to produce new products for society and businesses.

"Tourism culture" equips the students with an international sensibility and prepares them to contribute to international cooperation and cultural interchange through tourism.

"Tour planning" gives students a good understanding of the actual circumstances of different sites and prepares them to plan and implement local solutions which take advantage of local resources.

"Tourism work" prepares students to be capable of tourist site management, including advertising, marketing, and dealing with various types of problems.

Teaching Staff

Name Research Field Subject
Lee Jung-Soon
Service Management Hospitality Industry
Associate Professor
Izumi Daiki
Utilization of Cultural Property and Museum Cultural Property Studies Museology
Associate Professor
Otani Shintaro
Tourism Marketing Tourism Marketing
Kitamura Takashi
Japanese History Archaeology and History
Associate Professor
Matthew Caldwell
Language Learning
English Advanced Communication
Shioji Yuko
Anthropology of Tourism Anthropology
Associate Professor
Shigetani Yoichi
Corporate Competitive Strategy Tourism Management
Shimizu Nahoko
Ecotourism Asian Culture and Urbanism
Dan Kasei
International Cooperation International Relations,
International Organization
Nakayama Eriko
Business Japanese Japanese language Education
Associate Professor
Hasegawa Akihiko
Tourism Policy Tourism Policy
Fukumoto Kenta
Tourism Education Tourism Management
Horiuchi Shiro
Social Survey, Modeling and Analysis Sociology
Matsumura Yoshihisa
Tourism and Geography Geography of Tourism,
Minority and Contemporary China
Morishige Masayuki
The Tourist Attractions Management Theory Regional Rejuvenation through Community-led Tourism
Washizaki Hidekazu
Culture of the Travel Contents Tourism Japanese Literature
Associate Professor
Watanabe Kazuyuki
Environment Use of Mountain, South Asian Studies Geography, Environment Anthropology

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