Student Support Systems

Study support

Hannan University offers individual counseling from guidance counselors to students having difficulties with their studies.


The university offers various scholarships to provide students with economic assistance.


The school introduces students to boarding facilities that meet the university's conditions, which take educational matters into account, to facilitate a more comfortable campus life.

Aid in finding part-time work

The university helps students find part-time work to help provide financial independence.

Student counseling

Sympathetic counseling is provided so students can discuss any problems, anxieties or distresses that students may experience while studying at a university. The counseling is kept strictly confidential.

Health monitoring

The school is equipped with facilities to monitor the physical and emotional health of students. Health examinations are conducted annually. Hannan University offers a full welfare package including assistance with medical costs, student accident insurance, and student health insurance.

Academic staff advisors

Academic staff advisors are professionals who provide students with advice as soon as they enter Hannan University so new students can start university life smoothly.

Counseling for sexual harassment, etc.

Counseling for students or teachers who feel they are victims of sexual, or other, harassment is available to help solve the problem.

Welfare package (dining room, purchasing)

The Hannan University Student Cooperative has been entrusted by the university to provide various services for students, such as managing the dining room, the school book store, etc.

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