Faculty of Management Information

The objective of the Faculty of Management Information is to foster human resources with an the human qualities that ensure success in computerized business and the international community, and who are also equipped with the necessary skills to use information systems and have a knowledge of complex, sophisticated business management practices. Students learn the basics of business management and develop the ability to improve productivity and solve company problems using information technologies. Based on practical learning, the curriculum emphasizes practical training.

The Department of Management Information – Features of Study

Students are asked to carry a Nintendo DS®. Tests and questionnaire surveys are conducted using the browser during classes. Along with determining their understanding, real-time feedback is given during class. This initiative has enabled interactive communication between academic staff and students even in large classes. The course was also selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for the 2007 Support Program for Contemporary Educational Needs.

The Faculty of Management Information has a website where students themselves introduce Hannan University to high school students. Students themselves are responsible for everything from planning and content selection to page creation, including instructing professionals on design and program use. It is recommended that students simply get involved in the fields they are interested in rather than only studying from textbooks.

Educational Goals of the Department/Course

The objective of the Faculty of Management Information is to foster human resources with an abundance of human qualities that can succeed in computerized business and the international community, and who are equipped with the necessary skills to use information systems and knowledge of complex, sophisticated business management.

Management/Accounting Course

The course aims to train students to be accountants equipped with the necessary tools, or other business professionals who have the requisite knowledge in their field. Students are trained in "management" principles by studying the workings and theory of business management, as well as analyzing practical examples of business management and "accounting," in which they master the methods of preparing and utilizing accounting data, which serves as the record of business activities.

Marketing/e-Business Course

The course involves two fields to educate and train students to conduct business in new ways and with new ideas suitable for the Internet age. One is "marketing," which prepares students to analyze and monitor markets and customers. The other is "e-business," where students learn about new topics such as e-commerce and the globalization of business through IT. The course is designed to give students the skills they need to be successful in business in the 21st century.

Multimedia/Information Systems Course

Students learn about "multimedia" which deals with information that directly affects human emotions, such as images, video animation and music, which is indispensable for contents creation and "information systems" where students learn to build corporate information systems backed up by the latest computer expertise, development technologies and expertise in work/management. Students gain these skills by working on actual projects involving programming and system creation in order to produce innovative engineers.

Teaching Staff

Name Research Field Subject
Akai Yoshiyuki
Digital Art Multimedia Theory
Associate Professor
Lee Tae Hyun
A Study of new Trade Policies influenced to the major Industry Strategic Trade Policy
Ida Masahiro
International Business International Business
Imai Norio
Management Information xManagement Information
Associate Professor
Wilson,Gordon Grady
English Second Language Acquisition
Associate Professor
Oku Kohei
Business Science Business Administration
Kitagawa Etsuji
Introduction to Programming Informatics
Associate Professor
Chishima Tomonobu
IT Business IT Business Theory
Chujo Yoshimi
Business Analysis Financial Accounting
Hanakawa Noriko
Software Engineering Software Engineering
Hama Michio
Physics Physics
Fukushige Yae
Venture Business Social Venture
Maeda Toshiyuki
Theory of Networking Computer Science
Matsushita Koshiro
Management and Leadership Risk Management
Matsuda Takeshi
Math Mathematical statistics
Misono Kenkichi
Statistics for Management Statistics
Mitsuyasu Chikako
Dance Creative Dance
Miyoshi Tetsuya
Data mining Management and Information
Mori Yoshichika
Ethics Philosophy
Yamauchi Takayuki
Theory of Marketing Marketing
Yoshiki Tadashi
Control Accounting Systems Management Acounting
Lee Byung Ha
Organizational Capabilites Human Resource Management, Organization
Associate Professor
Ryu Koichi
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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