Introduction of Campus


Introduction of Campus

Expanded Main Campus

Hannan University, as part of its overall vision for the future, has been implementing its plans for comprehensive campus improvement for a number of years, and will continue to do so in the future. Though the university is conveniently located, there have long been limitations of space on the campus. In April 2002, following the relocation of the High School, the campus almost doubled in size. A major rebuilding program followed and was completed in December 2004. We are confident that we have created a radically improved Campus environment that will make attending Hannan University attractive and enjoyable.

South Campus

The South Campus was opened in April 1997, along with the establishment of the Faculty of International Communication. Facilities include an assembly hall, a library, a language laboratory, and computer classrooms set around a treed courtyard. The cafeteria, in the south east corner of the campus, is an impressive fantail building, with large windows overlooking a wide lawned area. On the western side of the campus there are two tennis courts and an area for barbecue parties.

In 2010, the Faculty of International Communication spawned a new faculty, Faculty of International Tourism. The Faculty of International Communication transferred to the Main Campus, and the South Campus is now solely occupied by the Faculty of International Tourism.

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